Wolfgang Rosenberg



We recently spoke to Wolfgang Rosenberg, VP Operations & Maintenance at TCO Solar, about his experience of the European solar industry. Read on for his thoughts...


Q. What’s your greatest professional achievement to date?
Being successful in the French PV market after the moratorium of 2010.


Q. Energy storage is predicted to be a game changer for the solar industry – what’s your opinion on this?
Energy storage is important, but it is only one component in the game. Other probably more important factors are
-    Finding the best mix of renewable energies
-    Creating smart grids that bring offer and demand of energy together
-    Being creative in adaptation of behaviour of consumption (automation etc.)
So we shouldn’t wait for prices of energy storage to drop, SOLAR ENERGY IS NOW.

Q. What is the biggest challenging facing the Solar O&M industry today? 
Overcoming the old structures that do not want or are not able to turn the page.

Q. What advice would you give on building good relationships with asset managers/owners?
Be honest, perform well and search transparency in communication.

Q. What are you most looking forward to about the SPG Europe congress?
Getting into relation with a lot of interesting people and contributing with the new O&M guidelines to advance photovoltaics .